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Single items, collections or Pre  House  Clearance

We are always keen to buy, so if you are looking to sell antique or vintage china, boxes, mirrors, furniture, ephemera, artworks etc in any condition, we may be able to help.

We always strive to keep our ever-evolving range freshly stocked so that there are regularly new and interesting items available for sale, on the website and at our unit within Ironbridge Antiques Centre.

Happy to buy single items, collections or we can offer a pre house clearance. We do not offer full clearance of whitegoods, sofas, carpets and rubbish. But we maybe interested in most other vintage & household goods, that we are happy to pay a fair price for. 

If you have something to sell, we always pay fair prices for items we are interested in. Just Send us a message with photos of the items you have for sale and we will get back to you.

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